Academy Commitee Meeting - 27.03.17

Dear Parents / Carers

I wanted to update you on the current governance of Highfield and changes that are due to take place for September.

The governing body of Highfield was removed following the Ofsted inspection of September 2014 and an Interim Executive Board IEB) was put in its place. When Highfield became an academy and part of the Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT), the governance of the school transferred from the IEB to the PACT Board.

We now believe Highfield School is in a stable enough position to establish its own local governance structure in the form of an Academy Committee. This Academy Committee will operate closer to Highfield School and representatives will be responsible for working with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that all our pupils receive the best possible education. This will also be an opportunity for parents & members of the wider community to contribute to the life of the school.  

If you are interested in becoming an academy representative or you know somebody who may be interested, please contact the school office for a detailed description of the role and responsibilities.

Please note this is not a paid role.  

Yours faithfully,

Mr S Gulzar

Chief Executive Officer