Very Important - information about reopening

School re-opening following COVID-19 closures 

4th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,  

Firstly, I hope that you are all healthy, safe and well after what has been a really challenging time and that you also enjoyed your Eid celebrations. 

Following on from a Trust Board meeting on Wednesday morning, the Trust Board and CEO have taken the decision to begin a phased reopening of Highfield School beginning on Monday 15th June 2020. This will not affect the keyworker provision which will continue to run for those parents who need it. 

Before the half term break, senior leaders called the parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to establish how many children were planning to return to school. These numbers have now been confirmed and all children who said ‘yes’ to returning have been assigned a class group (also known as a ‘pod) 

  • Each pod will have the same adult and be in the same room every day – the maximum number in a pod will be 10
  • Each YG has an entrance/exit gate and time, which must be adhered to.
  • Each pod has allocated outdoor time throughout the day – this will adhere to social distancing regulations. 
  • Each pod will remain together throughout the school day and will not mix with, or encounter, any other pod.
  • The keyworker provision will continue as its own pod throughout school being open. 

If you have decided not to return your child to school, they will continue to learn from home. We will continue to signpost online learning and projects via our website. We will also signpost useful resources and activity ideas via our school Twitter page so please keep checking both of these regularly. Staff will continue to call pupils every 2-3 weeks but where staff are working in school with assigned bubbles, their calls will be picked up by a different member of staff. 

In order to minimise the risk to both pupils and staff, school will temporarily close to all pupils, including keyworker children, at 1pm on Friday afternoons. This enables staff to have their legal entitlement of planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time without additional adults working in multiple pods across the week. It is an essential part of minimising the risk posed by Covid-19 so we thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding with this. 

A second letter will follow this via post to all parents who have requested their child returns to school from Years 1 and 6. This will detail start dates/times/gate locations. It will also contain an updated ‘Parental Code Of Conduct’ which must be fully adhered to for children to be able to attend. Letters to Reception will be sent ahead of their return date but this start is dependent upon outcomes of the constant review of the risk assessments in place. (For more information on this, please refer to the letter from our CEO)

In the meantime, if you need to contact school, please use the email address where will endeavour to help. 

If your child is returning to school soon, things are going to feel and look very different to how they did before we closed. I want to give you as much information ahead of time so that you are prepared. We will need all parents and children to comply with all new procedures. Read on for some FAQs for your consideration, which highlight further some of the measures in place to protect all stakeholders.  


How will children be grouped?

Children will need to be split into smaller groups with a maximum number of 10 children in one classroom. These groups will not be able to mix with other children or siblings during the school day. A timetable and rota will be used to ensure that there is minimal contact between groups of pupils and staff in school. Each year group will have its own start and finish time to stagger footfall traffic at each of the school gates. These times will be shared closer to the date that your child returns. 


What will happen at lunchtime?

We will not be able to provide hot lunches during this time so there will be a cold lunch offer instead. Lunch will be eaten within the classroom that groups have been assigned. If children bring their own packed lunch, this will need to be in a disposable bag as no normal lunch bags or boxes can travel between home and school. Children will need a labelled water bottle filled with water or squash. We will not be able to use water fountains within school at this time.  


Will my child be in their normal classroom?

Unfortunately, it may not be possible for children to be based in the classroom they are familiar with and they may also be with a different teacher. The use of resources will be limited to those that can be cleaned and we ask that children do not bring anything into school. The children will not be bringing reading books or homework home during this time but can continue to access all the home learning content on the school website. 

Can my child bring in their own resources e.g. a pencil case or their normal school bag?

No, unfortunately we cannot permit any personal items on site other than a coat and disposable lunch bag. The children will have their own desk for working on and a pack of stationery/resources will be provided. This pack will stay in school each night so it is ready for the next day and be used only by your child. The timetable of the day will be designed to enable us to maintain the safety measures we have put into place. 

What if my child became poorly whilst in school?

Should your child show symptoms or become unwell at school, they will need to be isolated from others. A first aid trained member of staff will wear protective clothing and support them while they wait for you to collect them. We ask that if we have to call you to collect your child, you come to school straight away – this is for the safety of your child and everybody else. Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell, even if their symptoms are mild.


What happens if I choose to say ‘no’ to my child attending?

The Local Authority will not be issuing fines if your child does not attend school at this time. It is purely parental decision. Please make the choice which you believe is right for your family. If you do state that you would like your child to attend during your phone call, you will be asked for two working phone number contacts to be used in the case of an emergency. No child will be permitted on site until these have been checked. 


At this difficult time for us all, I appreciate how daunting this may seem. All measures that we have outlined here, and any others in our risk assessment, are intended to help minimise risk to our staff, children, parents and community. 

Take good care and best wishes to you all. 

Mr. Knibbs

Head of School