End of Year Reports

Dear Parents and Carers,

Usually, at this time of year, we would be preparing to send home your child’s end of year report. Our teachers have continued to work throughout the pandemic and have written reports for your children as they would have in previous years. However, as the majority of children are currently not in school, we will be sharing reports in a different way:


Y6 pupils 

As Year 6 will not be returning in September, we will send their reports to you through the post. If you have changed address during the period of partial-closure, you need to ensure that you have shared your new address with the school office. The reports will be posted out to you the week ending Friday 10th July 2020 so that they will be with you from the final week of term.


R-Y5 pupils 

The current government guidance states that children will be returning to school as of September 2020. We have therefore decided to share reports for children in this YG when they come back in the new academic year. These reports will be given to you, by hand, when school reopens in September.

In previous years, we have also shared your child’s new class teacher with you as part of the report. This year, we will be unable to do this so will share this information with you via the school website. A list of classes and teachers will be available on the school website as of Monday 13th July 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch via the school closure email address: schoolclosure@hifield.bham.sch.uk

Take care and keep safe.

Best wishes,
Mr. Knibbs