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Online Safety Update: Issue 10

Our latest Prince Albert Community Trust Online Safety Update newsletter is out now!

Produced on a half termly basis to keep you up-to-date with Online Safety news, new ICT initiatives and ways in which you can help to keep your family safe both online and when using emerging technology.

We hope you enjoy reading 'Issue 10: May 2016' online now.

In this issue we celebrate Prince Albert Primary School successfully being awarded the e-Safety Mark award, take a look at a popular new app called ooVoo and we also look at alternatives to main stream search engines such as Google and Bing...Finally, why not learn about online safety together by finding out more about reverse image searching.  We hope you enjoy this issue.

If you have a concern regarding your child's use of the internet at home or in school, you can speak to one of our Online Safety Leads for support and advice.


Online Safety in the News 17/06/16

Our roundup of the key Online Safety news stories from the past two weeks.

Police chiefs draw up sexting guidance for schools
Advice is in response to increase in number of offences and concern among schools that children are not over-criminalised.
Story from: The Guardian

Leading Technology companies are announced as founding members of The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying
The C.E.O.s of Britain's leading telecoms companies, UK and European heads of the world's largest technology firms, and World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee are among the leaders that have been announced today as founding members of The Duke of Cambridge's Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying.
Story from: Kensington Palace

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Online Safety in the News 06/05/16

Our roundup of the key Online Safety news stories from the past two weeks.

BBC and Google team up with Internet Matters safety group
Google and the BBC have become the first official partners of Internet Matters, and will provide support and resources to the online child safety group.
Story from: BT.com

Joanna Shields: The UK is leading the world in online safety
The rapid increase in the amount of time children spend online means keeping them safe from harm is a moving target. We all have a responsibility to play our part.
Story from: Politics Homes

Amazon liable for “unfair billing” in apps for kids
A US federal judge found Amazon liable for unfairly billing parents for in-app purchases made by children, following a case filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
Story from: Mobile World Live

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