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PACT Online Safety Day - Tuesday 28th June 2016

As you may be aware, Tuesday 28th June is a PACT Online Safety Day.

This time, we will be running a competition open to all children across the trust. As you know, we currently have Hector the dolphin which is a child-activated safety button. Hector the Dolphin has been keeping children safe online for many many years but sadly it is time for him to retire and for someone new to take his place.

We thought it would be great if the children could design their own character to be a child-led safety button, along with a name and some additional information, such as likes/dislikes.

The winner from each school will then have their design turned into a real computer program which will run on all of the computers in school for the next 12 months. If successful, we will then look to run this competition again next year.

The closing date for entries will be Monday 4th July.

Please find below two posters which explain the competition to children.

Classes will all be asked to look at their entries and nominate three to be put forward as their final 'class entries'.

The winners will then be chosen by our Online Safety Little Leaders and announced in due course.

We look forward to seeing some amazing designs for our new PACT Safety Button.

Many thanks,

The Online Safety Team

Competition Poster New Hector Comp Poster

Online Safety in the News 17/06/16

Our roundup of the key Online Safety news stories from the past two weeks.

Police chiefs draw up sexting guidance for schools
Advice is in response to increase in number of offences and concern among schools that children are not over-criminalised.
Story from: The Guardian

Leading Technology companies are announced as founding members of The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying
The C.E.O.s of Britain's leading telecoms companies, UK and European heads of the world's largest technology firms, and World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee are among the leaders that have been announced today as founding members of The Duke of Cambridge's Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying.
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Online Safety in the News 06/05/16

Our roundup of the key Online Safety news stories from the past two weeks.

BBC and Google team up with Internet Matters safety group
Google and the BBC have become the first official partners of Internet Matters, and will provide support and resources to the online child safety group.
Story from: BT.com

Joanna Shields: The UK is leading the world in online safety
The rapid increase in the amount of time children spend online means keeping them safe from harm is a moving target. We all have a responsibility to play our part.
Story from: Politics Homes

Amazon liable for “unfair billing” in apps for kids
A US federal judge found Amazon liable for unfairly billing parents for in-app purchases made by children, following a case filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
Story from: Mobile World Live

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