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At Highfield J and I School we aim to provide an Art and Design Curriculum that builds on a child’s early creative experiences whilst enabling them to express themselves in a practical and inspiring way. Disciplinary and substantive knowledge intertwine to ensure that skills and knowledge are developed and embedded through a specifically planned out curriculum that builds over time. This ensures that there is consistency in our approach to pedagogy and practice. Throughout their time at Highfield, we want our children to develop an understanding of artists and their artwork and use this as a stimulus for their own imagination and creativity. Representation features heavily as part of this as we want our children to see people like them and the contributions they have made and continue to make to the world of Art and society as a whole. As with all curriculum areas, our Art curriculum intends to represent our school and global community, promote good achievement and raise aspirations. Our children will know more, remember more and be able to do more.



To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Art and Design, our curriculum is mapped out, progressively, with threads that reappear. This is implemented across school. The curriculum is based upon the national curriculum and each year group covers a specific area of Art and Design termly. Our children are immersed into the works of a different artist within each unit. This is the starting point to inspire and influence the work that they produce independently whilst building a bank of artists that they will know about by the time they leave us. Children experience a diverse range of art along with different materials and techniques that develop them as artists. Retrieval at the start of each lesson ensures that children develop and embed skills and knowledge.



Our art and design curriculum is high quality, well thought out and demonstrates progress within and across year groups. As the curriculum is the progression model, children’s ongoing work and final outcomes demonstrates their progress and achievement.

The impact of the curriculum is measured through:

  • Children’s knowledge and understanding throughout each unit of work
  • Summative assessment at the end of a unit of work
  • Annual reporting of pupil outcomes
  • Children’s understanding and use of key vocabulary
  • Children’s broadening knowledge of artists
  • Pupil conferencing

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