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Our Religious Education curriculum aims to enhance children’s understanding and appreciation of their own faiths whilst developing their understanding, knowledge and appreciation of other faiths. Our curriculum intends to support our children in living in a multi-faith society through enabling them to see the similarities between the major faiths and understanding the differences that are also there. Through using the agreed syllabus for Birmingham, our curriculum links directly to the 2014 curriculum and ensures that the key aspects of RE are delivered through 12 dispositions.

Where possible, our RE curriculum links to our PSHE curriculum and our school values, most notably respect and equality. Our curriculum is progressively mapped out so that children’s learning is appropriately demanding in terms of the age-related expectation. Through our curriculum, children will understand the importance of religion to the people of that faith; that people believe different things and that these beliefs are all acceptable and are all to be respected.



Our curriculum is implemented through the dispositions, with the approach being learning about faith and learning from faith. Children are posed with a wide range of questions that encourage them to consider their own religion and that of others. The learning that children experience enables them to articulate a response to questions that summarise the main learning and encourages children to reflect on their own faith and their own thoughts.



Our children’s knowledge of their own faiths will be enhanced and they will understand how much of what features in their faith features in other faiths, albeit in a slightly different way. Children will demonstrate a greater understanding of other world faiths and will articulate this in both written and spoken communication. Their improved knowledge and understanding will enable them to live successfully in a diverse, multi-faith local, national and global community.

The impact of the curriculum is measured through:

  • Pupil progress and achievement data
  • Learning walks, book monitoring and pupil voice
  • Pupil conferencing
  • Readiness for the next stage in their learning

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