Our Values

Our Values

At Highfield School children will learn to become:

articulate, literate, numerate, knowledgeable, technically able, confident, happy, sociable citizens.

We aim to:

  • provide a structured, caring, learning environment, using those experiences which children bring to school.
  • form positive partnerships between home, school and community.
  • prepare children for living in a multicultural society and build upon the strengths of cultural diversity.
  • provide equal access to a curriculum which promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • to deliver a curriculum which aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve.
  • prepare children for their future role in society developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Highfield School seeks to ensure that children are:

  • literate, numerate and articulate with a broad general knowledge.
  • equipped in knowledge, skills and attitudes for living in a modern technological world.
  • fit, healthy, positive and happy.
  • independent, confident and enquiring.
  • self-confident, self-motivated, self-disciplined.
  • able to respect and work with others.
  • fair and objective and able to make informed choices.
  • positive in their attitude towards issues of race, gender and disability.
  • confident in the use of their home language and knowing that it is valued in the school environment.

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Highfield Junior & Infant School
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Phone: 0121 647 1708

Email: enquiry@hifield.bham.sch.uk


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